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Qaqortukulooq The best preserved Norse ruins in Greenland are less than one hour by boat from Qaqortoq. This is a beautiful boat trip to Qaqortukulooq. We sail past the large island of Arpatsivik, the Norse ‚ÄúHvalsey‚ÄĚ or Whale Island, and into the fjord with the ancient Norse name ‚ÄúHvalseyfj√∂rdur‚ÄĚ, where the church ruins stand in…

DKK850 / per person

On this excursion, we will sail close to the impressive icebergs on a RIB boat. Icebergs are large floating pieces of freshwater ice. We will be circling around icebergs of all sizes and get the opportunity to get as close to the ice as possible. Nature‚Äôs sculptures are all unique, and every experience is a…

DKK1250 / per person
Special Offer

The Greenland ice cap has become the focus of a great deal of attention around the world amid growing concerns over global climate change. Exposed by the retreating ice and touch the ice cap. Notice how incredibly small one feels in comparison to this enormous sheet of ice that covers 80% of Greenland. When you…

DKK2250 / per person
4 hours

South Greenland offers outstanding opportunities for hiking trips. There are roughly 50 sheep farms in the area, many of which offer overnight accommodation at reasonable prices. You can start your trip at the international airport in Narsarsuaq, then continue to Qassiarsuk and stay with a number of sheep farming families as you make your way…

DKK980 / per person

Great Greenland is a modern tanning and production facility that processes¬†furs for sale, but also makes its own top-notch fashion creations. Our tour¬†of the plant starts off with a presentation of the various stages of the tanning process and ends in the furrier workshop and salesroom. During the tour, we will talk about seal hunting…

DKK375 / per person
1 Hour

For anyone interested in the culture of the Indigenous Inuit's, this is the tour to participate in. Each host is unique. Every family has their own ways of celebrating an event, and every story is different. The hosts are looking forward to welcoming you to their home!

DKK375 / per person

In 1993 and 1994, Qaqortoq was visited by 18 Nordic artists who launched a project called “Stone & Man”. Today, these fantastic stone works of art decorate the town. Aka H√łegh, who is one of Greenland’s leading artists, came up with the idea for the stone sculptures and it is thanks to her that we…

DKK495 / per person

When you travel, discovering new foods is always a special experience. You will have an opportunity to taste fish, seal meat, whale meat, lamb or reindeer.

DKK399 / per person

Upernaviarsuk Agricultural Station. Experiments are conducted here with new varieties of livestock, crops, plants and trees that can thrive in Greenland. Upernaviarsuk also includes an agricultural school where aspiring young farmers receive training. The guide will tell you about agriculture in Greenland and the challenges that farmers face in the subarctic climate ‚Äď including the…

DKK650 / per person

Qaqortoq is South Greenland’s educational center, with a¬†business school, a high school and other institutions. The¬†city was founded in 1774 by Anders Olsen on behalf of the¬†Royal Greenland Trading Company (KGH). Our city tour¬†starts among the old houses of the colonial quarter and then¬†takes us to the fish and meat market, where we hear about¬†the…

DKK275 / per person

Uunartoq is famous for its delighful 38¬įCelsius (100¬įfahrenheit) water temperature all year round. Uunartoq is the Inuit word for the Hot Springs, which translates to "the hot place". The pools are located on an island roughly 40 miles south of Qaqortoq, near the small town of Alluitsup Paa.

DKK2600 / per person

Get an up close and personal wildlife watching experience on a zodiac boat. With a small group of 7 persons, you will board the fast zodiac boat, and experience whales like never before. On a zodiac, you get a panoramic view of your surroundings, enabling you to capture the view from every angle. The captain…

DKK1650 / per person