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Taste of Greenland

Price DKK399 1.5 Hour
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Taste of Greenland

DKK399 per person

When you travel, discovering new foods is always a special experience. Greenlandic people have their own delicacies, that has prepared them for the rough winter months. This consists of a diet that heavily relies on meats and fats, from animals in the sea, to terrestrial animals, to birds.

You will have an opportunity to taste fish, seal meat, whale meat, lamb or reindeer. Different delicacies are served, but what is served depends on the season and what is available.

A guide will join you, and will explain everything that is on your plate. Not only explaining what is on your plate, but also the cultural significance of each item.

Experience the diet of the Inuit of the Arctic!


Minimum: 8 guests

1.5 Hour
12+ Age
  • Destination
  • Dress Code