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Culturel Entertainment

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Choirs: Greenlanders love to sing! We sing at parties, festivals and in our congregations. Singing in choirs is a tradition that originates from the old Moravian missionaries, in 18th and 19thcenturies. Listen to a local choir, wearing their finest colourful national dress as
they sing cheerful Greenlandic songs. We arrange this event for groups only.

Drum Dancing: This type of entertainment was passed down from our ancestors. Unfortunately, it was banned when Christianity was introduced to Greenland because missionaries mistakenly believed that it was only a heathen practice. But drum dancing has though survived in a few places in Greenland, including East Greenland, where our drum dancer, Jeremias Sanimuinaq, comes from. Just imagine that he as a child had to sneak and peek into secret events, for adults only, to learn this ancient art – and risked a beating if he were discovered! We arrange this event for groups only.

Kayaks: It is said that the Greenlanders survived in the Arctic climate and the harsh North Atlantic in South Greenland only thanks to the kayak. Today, kayaks are primarily used for sports and leisure. Every year, Greenland hosts a kayaking championship that attracts kayaking enthusiasts from around the world. A number of different manoeuvres are displayed. Kayak shows are only arranged for groups.

Folk dancing: Greenlanders loves to celebrate. On special occasions they dance the traditional polka, accompanied by the accordion and other instruments. We arrange this event for groups only.