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City Tour

Price DKK275 1 1/2 Hours
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City Tour

DKK275 per person

Embark on a captivating exploration of Qaqortoq, Greenland’s cultural gem, with our exclusive City Tour. Led by experienced guides, this immersive journey unveils the rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty that defines this charming city.

Our adventure commences amidst the historic colonial quarter, where centuries-old houses whisper tales of Qaqortoq’s past. Traverse through the vibrant fish and meat market, where the daily life of modern Greenlandic fishermen and hunters comes to life. Delight your senses with insights into Greenlandic culinary traditions and the vibrant local economy.

Next, the journey unfolds at the iconic “Annaasisitta Oqaluffia” (The Church of Our Savior), a venerable structure dating back to 1832. Immerse yourself in the history of Christianity in Greenland as the tales of this ancient church come alive.

As we progress, explore the city’s administrative buildings, and gain valuable insights into the island’s political system. Our guides provide a comprehensive understanding of the governance shaping Greenland’s future.

This City Tour culminates in an enriching experience, blending the old and new, tradition and modernity. Qaqortoq’s unique spirit is encapsulated in this exploration, promising an unforgettable encounter with Greenland’s vibrant past and promising future. Join us and discover the heart of Qaqortoq in an expedition tailored to captivate and enlighten.


Periods: all year round
Duration: 1½ hours
Minimum: 6 persons

NOTE! Remember to bring your own beverages!

Cancellation policy: Click Here
  • Destination
  • Dress Code
    Comfortable shoes, warm jacket and a hat. Mosquito net if summer season
  • Included
    All Museum Tickets
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Boat transportation
    Coffee / Tea
    Typical Souvenir