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Get an up close and personal wildlife watching experience on a zodiac boat. With a small group of 7 persons, you will board the fast zodiac boat, and experience whales like never before. On a zodiac, you get a panoramic view of your surroundings, enabling you to capture the view from every angle. The captain…

DKK1650 / per person

For anyone interested in the culture of the Indigenous Inuit's, this is the tour to participate in. Each host is unique. Every family has their own ways of celebrating an event, and every story is different. The hosts are looking forward to welcoming you to their home!

DKK375 / per person

Upernaviarsuk Agricultural Station. Experiments are conducted here with new varieties of livestock, crops, plants and trees that can thrive in Greenland. Upernaviarsuk also includes an agricultural school where aspiring young farmers receive training. The guide will tell you about agriculture in Greenland and the challenges that farmers face in the subarctic climate ÔÇô including the…

DKK650 / per person

Qaqortoq is South Greenland’s educational center, with a┬ábusiness school, a high school and other institutions. The┬ácity was founded in 1774 by Anders Olsen on behalf of the┬áRoyal Greenland Trading Company (KGH). Our city tour┬ástarts among the old houses of the colonial quarter and then┬átakes us to the fish and meat market, where we hear about┬áthe…

DKK275 / per person