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We will take you to a place you would not have reached on your own. After a short introduction to fishing, we start! If you are lucky and catch one (or more), we will prepare your freshly caught fish down by the shore. Cooking the fish by the shore is called "kuisartorneq". It would normally be performed with your fishing partners to enjoy the catch and to re-energize. For some reason, it always tastes much better to eat a fish

Qaqortoq is South Greenland's educational center, with aĀ business school, a high school and other institutions. TheĀ city was founded in 1774 by Anders Olsen on behalf of theĀ Royal Greenland Trading Company (KGH). Our city tourĀ starts among the old houses of the colonial quarter and thenĀ takes us to the fish and meat market, where we hear aboutĀ the conditions faced by today's fishermen and hunters,Ā Greenlandic culinary traditions, etc. We then proceed to theĀ old church from 1832 ā€“ "Annaasisitta Oqaluffia" (The ChurchĀ of Our Savior)

For anyone interested in the culture of the Indigenous Inuit's, this is the tour to participate in. Each host is unique. Every family has their own ways of celebrating an event, and every story is different. The hosts are looking forward to welcoming you to their home!

South Greenland offers outstanding opportunities for hiking trips. There are roughly 50 sheep farms in the area, many of which offer overnight accommodation at reasonable prices. You can start your trip at the international airport in Narsarsuaq, then continue to Qassiarsuk and stay with a number of sheep farming families as you make your way to your final destination, Narsaq. Or you can start in Qaqortoq, where we can take you by boat to Qanisartuut in connection with our HvalsĆø

Great Greenland is a modern tanning and production facility that processesĀ furs for sale, but also makes its own top-notch fashion creations. Our tourĀ of the plant starts off with a presentation of the various stages of the tanning process and ends in the furrier workshop and salesroom. During the tour, we will talk about seal hunting and the working conditions of today's hunters. How many furs are purchased and processed each year? What is the price per fur? Who lives from seal hunting? Who buys furs fromĀ Great