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Upernaviarsuk Agricultural Station. Experiments are conducted here with new varieties of livestock, crops, plants and trees that can thrive in Greenland. Upernaviarsuk also includes an agricultural school where aspiring young farmers receive training. The guide will tell you about agriculture in Greenland and the challenges that farmers face in the subarctic climate – including the future possibilities in a situation with a warming climate, as a consequence of Global Warming.

Duration: 1-2 Hours
Price: 450 DKK

About us

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About us

Greenland Sagalands A/S (Ltd.) is a tourism company in Southern Greenland, situated in the regional centre of Qaqortoq. The company are supplying a number of products, with boat excursions around the region, guided tours on land, cultural events and lectures etc. As one of the top cruise ship destinations in Greenland, we are servicing a number of cruise companies calling Qaqortoq. Further more, we are having a large souvenir shop, where souvenir items, art and handicrafts can be found.  

Greenland Sagalands is located centrally in the town of Qaqortoq, with a souvenir shop and office right next to the pier for the cruise ship guests.

The company is employing a number of empoyees during the busy summer season, and employ year round a Tourism Manager and Cruise Coordinator. Greenland Sagalands is a private limited company, a local, family-owned company, owned soby Pitsi & Kenneth Høegh. Mr Torben Hansen (Qaqortoq) is the chairman of the board.

The foundation of the company is the local community, and it is our goal to develop tourism as a product focusing on quality and a local foundation  – in close cooperation with local business partners, artists and other resource persons; all in respect for our old culture and traditions.


Pitsi Høegh

CEO/Cruise Coordinator
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Addresses:

Greenland Sagalands A/S - Qaqortoq Tourist Service

Vatikanbakken 68

Box 128

Tlf. +299 64 24 44  /  +299 64 24 80
Fax +299 64 24 95


Company Board:

Board Member                Mrs Pitsi Høegh

Board Member                Ms Julie Berthelsen


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About Qaqortoq

Qaqortoq is known for being The pearl of South Greenland. 
Perhaps the most charming and beautiful city in Greenland. 
Its certainly worth a visit during summer.

Nature in South Greenland is very unique. That has 
been acknowledged by our many tourists. 
There are many places to visit  in South Greenland if you want to 
go out and experience nature. Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and 
Upernaviarsuk are among our coveted experiences. 

One can experience nature at sea with one of our exclusive tours, 
generally experiences and 
large excursion opportunities in Qaqortoq and environs. 

There is scope for hiking, fishing, see agriculture 
among other things in our experimental station Upernaviarsuk or 
from one of the sheep farmers. You can even experience 
sea and nature in sea kayaking. 

On your own, there is the opportunity to see the fresh 
waterfalls, smell the fresh breath of wind, beautiful 
environment of mountains and the clear ice cubes in the ocean. 

Outside the city, we have boat trips to destinations that are the 
most coveted by our visitors such as: 
- The hot springs - Ice Cap 
- Whale Watching - Hvalsey church ruins.

Here you have plenty of opportunity to get an experience 
for life. Enjoy!

Church ruins

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About this trip

The best preserved Norse ruins in Greenland are less than one hour by boat from Qaqortoq. We sail past the large island of Arpatsivik, the Norse “Hvalsey” or Whale Island, and into the fjord with the ancient Norse name “Hvalseyfjördur”, where the church ruins stand in a quiet and peaceful setting. The story about what Norse life was like here during their 500 years in the Middle Ages. Why did the Norse disappear? What was the last written evidence of these fascinating people?

Period: June – mid-September

Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: 650 DKK


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About this trip


We arrange fishing trips to rivers, fjords and the coastal waters.  
Arctic char, salmon and cod, in the months of July and August, there are a wealth of opportunities to catch these fish.  

Remember to buy a fishing license.
This can be purchased at our office for 150 Danish Krone.

Periods: July – August  
Duration: 3 Hours
Price: Please take contact for more info.


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About this trip

Sermersuaq means "ice cap" in Greenlandic. The Greenland ice cap has become the focus of a great deal of attention around the world amid growing concerns over global climate change. Our trip takes us to "Qalerallit Sermia," near our neighboring city of Narsaq. Sea ice conditions permitting, we sail right up to the shore, where you can walk on land (20 min.) 
exposed by the retreating ice and touch the ice cap. Notice how incredibly small one feels in comparison to this enormous sheet of ice that covers 80% of Greenland. When you see the ice, you will probably find it somewhat hard to believe that it is in danger of disappearing due to the warmer climate. You may want to bring a bottle of whiskey and enjoy the view along with the unique popping sound of ice cubes taken from the glacier. As the ice melts in your glass, it releases countless air bubbles that have been trapped for thousands of years. 
The experience of a lifetime!

Period: July – mid-September

Duration: 4 hours

If a storm or pack ice prevents us from reaching our final destination (force majeure), no compensation will be paid.

About this trip

Uunatoq is famous for its delighful 38°Celsius (100°fahrenheit) water temperature all year round. The pools are located on an island roughly 40 miles south of Qaqortoq, near the small town of Alluitsup Paa. Enjoy soaking in the hot springs while icebergs drift by in the nearby fjord surrounded by high mountains. We travel by boat roughly 2 1/2 hours each way and usually pass by colossal icebergs. There are plenty of opportunities to see whales along the way, so keep your eyes peeled. And don't forget your swimsuit!

Period: June – mid-September

Duration: 4½

If a storm or pack ice prevents us from reaching our final destination 
(force majeure), no compensation will be paid.